There are numerous sites which research family genealogies, adding services such as translations of documents, and assistance in re/claiming Italian citizenship. Italian Americans on a journey of rediscovering cultural provenance and family lineage may consult these as a first step in this process.

POINTers in Person
Los Angeles Chapter
Diane De Marco
P.O. Box 5164
Culver City, CA 90231-5264
Tel: (310) 645-9442

POINT (ěPursuing Our Italian Names Togetherî), founded in 1987, provides a network of those interested in heritage, genealogy,and surnames but is not a genealogical research service, although "Pointers" of varying levels of expertise can point you in the right direction.

POINT International Headquarters
P.O. Box 14966
La Vegas, NV 89114-4966

Publishes the journal: POINTers: The American Journal of Italian Genealogy.

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This "mapblast" gives the: geographic distribution of your surname on color-coded Italian and US maps. Purchase a T-shirt with your mapped surname!