Italian Catholics

Italian Catholics

St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church on
Broadway, the only national parish
in the Southland

St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church (& Casa Italiana)
1039 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 323-225-8119
Fax: 323-225-0085
Fr. Raniero Alessandrini, CS

(See: COMMUNITY SITES, Community Sites & Meeting Place - Casa Italiana)

Scalabrini House of Discernment
St. Peter's Italian Church 1039 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Vocation Office Director 323-225-8027
See: COMMUNITY SITES, Community Sites & Meeting Place -The Scalabrini Order ((I Missionari di San Carlo Borromeo; The Missionaries of Saint Charles Borromeo) and
See: SENIORS, Retirement Centers - Villa Scalabrini

Mary Star of the Sea, on bell/clock tower
of the San Pedro church

Mary Star of the Sea Church

870 8th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
Tel: (310) 833-3541
Fax : (310)833-9254

Rev. Fr. John Provenza
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Italian Catholic Federation See: CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS & SOCIETIES Religious Associations, Patron Saint Societies and

Italian-speaking Roman Catholic priests (celebration of Mass in Italian):

Fr. Giovanni Bizzotto, C.S. (Villa Scalabrini, St. Charles Rectory)
Fr. Raniero Alessandrini, C.S. (St. PeterÝs Italian Church)
Fr. Esvin Marroquin Sanchez (St. PeterÝs Italian Church)
Fr. Ermete Nazzani, C.S. (Villa Scalabrini, Exec. Dir)
Fr. Antonio Cacciapuoti, (Church of Christ the King, Hollywood)
Fr. John Provenza (Mary Star of the Sea Church, San Pedro)
Fr. Richard Zanotti (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Sun Valley)
Fr. Augusto Moretti (Emeritus, Pasadena)

A representation of Mother
Cabrini in stained-glass,
inside Mary Star of the Sea
Church, San Pedro

A Bit of History: Saint, Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917), built orphanage in downtown Los Angeles. "Cabrini, the first U.S. citizen to be declared a saint by the Catholic Church, built the shrine in the early years of this century in honor of the Virgin Mary. Until Monday, the grotto was all that remained of an orphanage operated by Cabrini's order, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, just north of downtown. On Monday morning, to make way for an apartment complex, workers began breaking up the structure and gathering the rocks in baskets to rebuild the shrine at a Sunland retirement homeˇthis time to honor Cabrini. "She had nothing when she died," said Gloria Lothrop, who holds the Whitsett Chair of California History at California State University Northridge, and spearheaded the effort to save the shrine.

Santa Lucia statue at the Santa Lucia
feast day dinner
"But she dedicated her life to helping Italian immigrants all over the Western Hemisphere. And she loved Los Angeles." [Í] The Regina Coeli ("Queen of Heaven" in Latin) Orphanage on what is now Cesar Chavez Avenue was founded in 1906. [Í] Around the time of Cabrini's death, the Los Angeles orphanage was moved to Burbank, where it later served as a clinic for teenage girls in danger of getting tuberculosis and as Villa Cabrini High School." The shrine was moved to the Villa Scalabrini Retirement Center [See: SENIORS, Retirement Centers - Villa Scalabrini From: "Saint's Legacy of Service Survives in L.A.; Religion: Shrine that Mother Cabrini helped create in early 1900s is saved and will get a new home in Sunland," by Jose Cardenas Los Angeles Times , Jul 29, 1997, p.1.

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The statue of St. George slaying the dragon,
in front of a stained glass, St. Peter's Italian Church

Founders of the St. Joseph's Society,
San Pedro: Giusenie Dukie, Nunzia D'Orio,
Paolina Manzella, Rosaria LoGrande,
Giuseppa LaFata. Photo by Rosalia Orlando

Sam Perricone, benefactor of many
events in the Italian community
(St. Lucia, St. Joseph's, Villa
Scalabrini, etc.)

Santa Lucia banner