Italian Folklife in Los Angeles: Introduction

Italian Folklife in Los Angeles: Introduction

See: CELEBRATION: Folk Festivals, Sicilian Folklife, St. Joseph's Tables; FOLK ART & ARCHITECTURE, PERFORMING ARTS: Traditional Music

(Italian) "folklife" refers to customs, traditions (oral, material, festive) and other cultural expressions that have been passed down from generation to generation, through family, through small group (town, religious, or other association), and which have generally been learned through example or word of mouth.

[For further reading on folklife, See: Luisa Del Giudice, "Italian American Folklore, Folklife" (237-245) and "Italian American Food and Foodways" (245-248), in S. LaGumina, F. Cavaioli, S. Primeggia, J. Varacalli, eds., The Italian American Experience: An Encyclopedia, New York: Garland, 2000. On folklore, oral culture & oral history, see entries at:].

The most visible expressions of Italian folklife are folk festivals and Italian food traditions (See: FOLKLIFE, Foodways, FOOD, Introduction). But the festa (not fiesta óalthough the Spanish term is sometimes used), actually spans a wide variety of celebrationsóintegral parts of Italian culture. Such festivities can take the form of a party among friends, paesani (townspeople), a dinner-dance, patron saint feast days, seasonal sagre (harvest-related festivities), Carnival masquerade parties, food festivals, and civic celebrations (see: Columbus Day). (Clubs & associations have taken to the American-style election of a "queen" who serves a variety of ceremonial functions. For instance, an queen is chosen each year to represent the parish of St. Peter's at its many patron saint festivities).

Many local Italians nostalgically remember the days of grander ethnic celebrations: their carnivals at Whitney Woods (sponsored by the Italian Women's Club), the Festa Italiana at the Hollywood Palladium, picnics at Montebello Stadium featuring a tiro del formaggio (tossing of 25 lbs. rounds of aged cheese), scampagnate (picnics) at the old Guasti winery (now Brookside), the grander Fishermen's festivals at San Pedro (cf. FURTHER READING, Speroni 1955), with festive dinners aboard the elaborately decorated purse seiners. But Italian folklife in Los Angeles may be found even today, some parts more vital than others, while other cultural expressions are actually emerging (e.g., San Gennaro festival).

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